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To Maine who is the real victim of these acts of injustice, my empathy. This is I suppose the 'DARKEST NIGHT IN YOUR CAREER LIFE. MAY i SHARE WITH YOU A POEM I WROTE WHEN I WENT THROUGH THE SAME NIGHT IN MY LIFE"

Verse I:
Midnight in my life 
Seems so dark and long|
Fear creeps into my being
In a deadening silence
Of a gloomy gloomy night
Sadness bursts in raging tears
Broken life and forgotten dreams
In the middle of the night

Verse II
The dawning of a new life 
Strengthened in the inner man
Dances with the music 
That fills the Father's throne
In perfect harmony
In humble  adoration 
Sobbed out its first rehearsals
In the shade of a darkened room.

Oh Lord my God
Come close beside me
The shadows dark and long 
Take my hand and lead me home
Gently Lord I pray 
And I will sing a new song
In my heart I'll say
I learned it in the  night

Morning comes rejoicing 
With laughter in the rain
Dancing in His might and singing
I learned it in the night.











The teaser of  Marian Rivera's Teleserye  promised so much  educational  input  to our  growing children who are bombarded and  brainwashed  by  the computer games and  cartoon stories that are basically  self-centered, materialistic and demonic.  I suppose the goal of the developers is how to hook the childred into believing that  POWER  is  the key to supremacy  in all areas of life.  Generally speaking the message is "The means  justify the end." If you are a concerned Mom or Dad you will not allow  your  precious little children  to be manipulated by these  kind of programs on TV.

Super Ma'am arrived. My expectation was full of hope  that  maybe  this TS will  offer something  that will inspire  the whole family with endearing values of Filipinos filtered by  the  undying principles of life and liberty from the  Word of God.  But to my dismay Super Ma'am is no different at all. The story delved on  using witchcraft by Super Ma'am  to defeat the witches  who are out to destroy  the children. 

The issues involved in this TS  1. Students  are without respect to authority 2.  Arrogrant  3.  Lovers of self  4.Obsessed with  power in order to promote  self;  and  control  of others. They are  determined to gain control of othersso they are willing  to do anything to gain  what they  perceive to be the  answer to their  obsession.

My challenge to GMA is: Where do we want  to bring our children who are growing in  an atmosphere  of arrogance and self glory. There are so many beautiful stories of conquest through personal sacrifice . Teachers who refuse to be assigned in other more comfortable areas than their own  hometown.  They just want to educate  the growing children of their own people.  It may not be as grand as what  Booker T. washington had done  but  just the same it is a story of love and sacrifice of a teacher or teachers  who want to make a difference in our fight for education  that really matters.

Response would be deeply appreciated. 



I'm a big fan of ALDUB but I don't belong  to any group. I'm on my sixties already with much time to rest and follow A & M in twitter and other social media platforms.  For quite some time I'd been in search for someone  who can  interact w/ me in discussing my  issues surrounding A & M  relationship.  With M I don't have any trust  problem.  With Alden I have  several  queries that I need straight forward answers .I believe you guys  have  access to relevant information that would help me understand  my confused perceptions  about Alden  and his  heart toward Maine. I wanted to be released from  this  wrong if at all wrong perception  about the motives and the real  score of Alden's  feelings toward Maine.

I'd like to comment by asking  questions on big issues that were brought in to the story and was incorporated as  a normal part of it  justifiable because it's coming  from the  high and mighty people from above.  I don't understaand why GMA allowed this practice and the message to the viewing public is  "it's okay to lie". I thought DTBY is a love story of two people  separated by time  and space, culture and social standing  in the community. For  example : 1.  The acquisition of Pelangui was a big undertaking involving thousands of families  that would be displaced because  of the project.

The story instead of presenting a practical option for pragress the people  were forced to sell their lands. If you refuse  to sell 

2.  Benjie's attraction to Maine  or Sinag was out of a selfish  motive.There was no  love interes.  The writer failed to show how the relationship    developed  that intense when Sinag's actions and reactions to Benjie were arrogant. This part of their meeting  should have justified the  kind of love and loyalty  Benjie made between Trish or Sinag.  The writer just  let the people assummed Benjie is so madly in love with each other  that he will choose Sinag.

3.  When Sinag was terminated, it was done  unjustly.  The decision was made  by "palakasan" in this case Trish is inaanak ng mayari.The message sent  is "palakasan" is acceptable  even to the  detriment of  the innocent.

4.  Even owners of shops or art galleries in this case are like pawns in the  hands of the high and might  people like  the Rosaleses'

5.  How Benjie would win his battle is perhaps another  scam of justice.  

To me  Alden and Maine  were taken  for granted  by the very  people who  promised heaven and  earth  to them in this  teleserye.  why?  I am persuaded to believe there are hidden agenda but they failed miserably.  If only for them to  discover  that A and M are formidable tandem  supported by their loayla fans coming from all levels of society, i would rest my case.  Alden and Maine  are here to stay-- what with  their talents  and  commitment to their craft  and to each other -- they are here to stay.

         ALDEN once again was missing at Maines' 22nd BDAY celebration  lovingly tendered by SMU group of Maine's fans at the  beautiful WHITEROCK BEACH IN SUBIC.  Wathching it happened  in my laptop I thought it was well prepared in all aspects--program, food, fireworks highlighted by  the releasing of  lighted lanterns carrying I suppose all the  best wishes, hopes, and love of the celebrator her family and avid fans hoping against hope  that those will land at the lap of  Him who is the author of life. Jesus promised "I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly."

        RJ could have redeemed himself  from his  failure to attend  the intimate dinner  at the  Mendoza's residence  prepared  only for  important  and endeared persons in Maines life. That was revealing of what's in his heart but of course everybody  chose to  remain silent except for coleen. I thought  that however busy you are  in an important  ocassion such as this you  should not miss.  RJ you chose to be absent. I felt the pain for Maine and even for myself. No redemption happened anyway.  "Who Is Me To YOU" is what  Christian Bautista's song is asking.  You see RJ even simple and poor people  back in my province in Romblon parted with their  precious possession in order to marry  the woman  they cherish.

       The SMU fans of Maine were willing to spend and be spent  for Maines' happiness on her birthday but the most important person in her life  seemingly didn't care.  Correct me if I'm wrong. You understand  the  pain of rejection and the ignominy of being taken for granted.  You passed through that road before.  That is exactly how I would feel if I were Maine when you did'n't attend that intimate  coming together. I thought you are gentle, God-fearing  loving  person.  Tender hearted  as per your testimony. No ALDEN  you  are the opposite of what you claim. I'm sorry I have to tell you this hard reality  because I'm hoping  you  would realize what you  are hurting.

       When you  agreed to meet with  Ms Limjuco in Como Italy  without Maine's knowledge  everything that I admire about you vanished as quickly as it came.  If you  continue on doing that  please talk to Maine to release you.  She deserve to be happy in her relationships.  She works hard to  be ready to  face the moment of TRUTH with someone  who will  love her just as she loves him the most.Until I see you  endear Meng  and be faithful to her and to refrain from vulgar moves  with women  around you, will pray  earnestly  with all of my heart  that god will  snatch Maine from your hands.  SORRY  ALDEN, TRUTH  HURTS BUT IT WILL SET YOU FREE IF YOU WILL ABIDE BY IT. God help you  turn your face toward HIM whom to know is life ETERNAL. 


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